Vikas Singh a friend, mentor and great human being is an institution in himself. He is a true inspiration and leads his life with a motto of service above self.
Gajendra Narang
Vikas Ji is a very insightful and versatile Business Coach. It has been a pleasure to connect with him & get his guidance.
Priti Atodaria
I met Vikas Sir a decade ago when I started my career. He is a great motivator and learned person on real grounds. He knows how deal with the most critical situations in the most simpler way and thats the best quality of him. A real mentor and guide.
Sarfaraz Ansari
Today was my first meeting with Mr.Vikas Singh. He was highly energetic & welcoming. I, instantly developed a great respect for his integrity. In 15 mins of the conversation, he could find out the exact problem & gave a practical solution. This was actually amazing. To do a root cause analysis in such a short time is possible only for somebody who is well-read, well-travelled, has himself struggled in life & has learnt lessons from every failure. Also, I found him to be extremely grounded & humble. I can't thank him enough for the resolution he has provided to my concern because it will give me long term results. May God bless him with more time & energy to help unknown people like me.  
Swati 875
I met Vikas Ji, when I was trying to churn out the modalities to develop Startup ecosystem in Madhya Pradesh. It was a surprise for me that he already had worked in this domain and running the first incubator in the state. I am pleased to have his support and guidance throughout the process and I am lucky to being associated with him.
Kumar Vibhanshu
I know Vikas since last 4 years via social activity platform. He is one of the finest professional soul I have ever met. His way of thinking towards solution to the problem, strong philosophical background and presentation skills can spell bound anyone. I strongly recommend him as a mentor, motivational speaker, IT and business consultant…
Dr. Pushyamitra Joshi (Ph.D.)
Co-Founder & Chief Client Executive  - EcoFab