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An Entrepreneur and Business Coach, Ind.

Strategy to Unlock Your True Potential

the Highest potential can only be attained by entering into your Cosmic Zone of Excellence, and then working in accordance with that. It is a fact that many people who are earning a handsome amount of money often live an unhappy and unsatisfied professional life. This happens because the job they do doesn’t give them inner satisfaction, although it earns bread and butter for them. Sometimes people even don’t know what exactly is their Cosmic Zone of Excellence. This is because they haven’t searched within themselves. Even if they know that they are not in their Cosmic zone of Excellence, they don’t know how to reach there. This can be vindicated by the following example.

Suppose, a person X loves painting but for earning a living he works at a bank. Now both things are way too different from each other. One has an artistic approach while the other has a depository financial aspect. So traveling from the current destination which is banking to another destination which is artwork is a tough task and would definitely require a lot of courage, respective skills, and a sense of willingness. However, in order to become his true self, person X has to cut through this very distance. For this to happen person X must know what is his zone of pure potentiality. In this case, it's painting.  But the question arises will he be able to earn a living out of what he loves doing? To solve this puzzle, he must find ways of earning money within the artwork industry. For instance, he can be an art school teacher, an executive at an art gallery or some painter’ s assistant, etc. In this way, the person remains within the boundaries of his true potentiality and eventually, he can proceed with it.

There lies a phenomenon called gradual shifting. This can be exercised when a person can't immediately leave his job to follow his passion or to discover his cosmic zone of excellence. In such a scenario the person can go with both the things simultaneously. For instance, the person X who is a banker by profession but pursues painting as a hobby. Likewise, he can surround himself with people having similar interests as him. This gives him a sense of belonging to the field of art. Then gradually he can find out ways of making money out of it and then can make a career shift. As now the person is actually working in his zone of excellence, it will eventually help him in increasing his earning potential. 

Conclusively, the closer the person is to his cosmic zone of excellence, the better he will earn. His earning potential will increase in multiple folds. He will be able to earn more in less time.

Success is all about expressing your true self on the canvass of the universe. Without this, no worldly or spiritual success can be experienced. Even if one succeeds in one dimension of his life he will always carry a sense of incompleteness and disappointment with him.  So to unlock your true potential come into your Cosmic Zone of Excellence.

published August 9, 2020

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