Sapta Shakti Spiritual Society

Sapta Shakti Spiritual Society is an NGO that works in the domains of Entrepreneurship Development, skill development, sustainable development, rural development, and promotion of Yoga and Karma Yoga.

It conducts Webinars,  Seminars, workshops on the above-mentioned topics in various schools, colleges, communities, self-help groups, and companies. It has trained thousand of people through its programs.

We at Sapta Shakti Spiritual Society believe that we are facing unnecessary challenges due to our incongruent way of living life. If we want to live a Fulfilling , Joyful, Peaceful and Prosperous life we need to learn how to practice Sapta Shaktis in our daily lives. These Shaktis or Strengths are Aatma bal, Bahu Bal, Buddhi Bal, Vidhya bal , Charitra Bal , Dhan Bal and Sangathan Bal. 

We have developed a unique way of practicing these Shaktis. Our experience and suggests that the one who ensure daily practice of these Sapta Shaktis in their lives they become more confident , Fit , intellectual , knowledgeable, Integrated , Prosperous, Peaceful and Popular in their lives.


We train you to identify your Swadharma and design your entire life around it and you will be able to live a remarkably fulfilled, peaceful and prosperous life.


If you want a life filled with passion, prosperity and purpose learn to live a life of a karmyogi in our next online or offline training program on Karmayoga.

Sustainable living

We train organizations, associations and institutions to live a opt for a minimalist, wholistic and sustainable living without compromising on their comfort.

Learn to Live a minimalist and wholistic life 

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