Vikas Singh

Vikas singh is a Entreprene, Author and a Business Coach. He is the Founder of Vaidik Ecosystems Pvt. ltd., Vaidik Solutions and VStart. He is on a mission to help One Million Entrepreneurs to become Multi Millionaires.  He has authored two books :  '21 steps to Business Success' and 'Spiritual Sutras of Success'. He founded first incubator of MP with AKVN Indore in January 2016. He acted as CEO of m-apps lab since 2012 to 2016. He has coached around 700 + Entrepreneurs so far. He is a Management Philosopher by approach and qualification. He started his life as a courier boy at the age of 15 and became a CEO by the age of 26. He strongly believes in the philosophy of karma yoga and Law of karma. He is an ardent follower of lord krishna. He considers Krishana as his master and coach. 

Business Success Road Map (BSRM) is a course that has been designed with clear vision of developing one million entrepreneur and helping them to achieve their first million dollar turnover. 

Identify your true potential

you are the most intelligent expression of the cosmic. Understand your true potential and lead the world.

Understand your best buyer

Understand your best buyer in as much details as possible. Learn why and how he buys instead of just learning to sell

Develop systems and processes

Learn to develop a system that works without you. Develop it in such a way that it can work without your interventions. 

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