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“Indeed, as a Business Coach, you are aware of how to ignite passion and motivate people. You have an energy that is contagious and knows exactly how to get their team excited. So while the complexities change, your work of coaching stays the same keep your clients at the center of the work, push them to use their strengths more and to temper their weaknesses, and illuminate blind spots because these are what really get in the way”

Sukrati Pagare

“Vikas sir is a great mentor & one of the finest human beings I have ever met. His thinking, intellectualism & innovative approach to solving problems is truly amazing. He is very empathetic towards everyone. Meeting him and getting his mentorship is proven to be a boon for me. My thinking & perception of life & career has been changed very positively since the day I meet him. I am truly grateful for his guidance.”

Sunil Yadav

“ After meeting Vikas sir, at least basic spending and the extent to which a business can be expanded and spread, while looking at things in the business and increasing the understanding of the business at the right time, got the idea and the same A big thinking was also found in the ideology that how you can make a contribution in society and nation-building with your work.”

“TMr Vikas Singh is a great motivator business coach n mentor apart from that he is a great human being when it comes to helping a startup or individual he always goes out of the circle..”

Saral Jain

“I have been in contact with Vikas Sir for quite some time. It’s always proven resourceful to me personally. Being new in the startup domain, I have grown Platforma to certain heights under his guidance. It’s hard to find someone so grounded and helpful to new people.”

“A mentor with a vision and passion out to reduce the mortality ratio of startups.. congratulations sir, God must bless you with unlimited zeal and vigor to pursue your mission.”

“I met Vikas Sir a decade ago when I started my career. He is a great motivator and learned person on real grounds. He knows how to deal with the most critical situations in the most simpler way and that's the best quality of him. A real mentor and guide.”

“Vikas Ji is one of the first-to-meet people if you are thinking of entrepreneurship. He can solve the most thoughtful doubts with a snap of his fingers to give you a clear picture.”

Saurabh Mantri

“Insights which Vikas sir shares are related to on-ground experience and helps a lot in all overgrowth.”

“I met Vikas Ji when I was trying to churn out the modalities to develop the Startup ecosystem in Madhya Pradesh. It was a surprise for me that he already had worked in this domain and running the first incubator in the state. I am pleased to have his support and guidance throughout the process and I am lucky to be associated with him.”

अमित भौमिक

“Vikas is an influential person who has come to understand business coaching and has a bespoke track record. His style of communication is open, personally, and has a great degree of empathy. I can recommend him budding businesses and start-ups in search of a trustworthy business coach & channel development mentor ”

Vaibhav Jain

“Great things come in small packages" and Vikas seems to always give new dimensions to this phrase. He is a great speaker, a people-oriented leader, a great motivator and a spiritual guide all rolled in one consistent & cool-headed personality. On top of this he has kept reinventing himself for all this time..”

Abdul Sabir Khan

“Mr.Vikas is a very dynamic person, detailed oriented & upcoming business enabler. He is a very good motivator, very responsive, never keeps pending anything that comes to him, He is a really a master to build start-ups to corporate, this good habit makes him company creator. He has a very strong desire to perform and excel in any new business opportunity with great style and religious adroitness.”

Dr. Pushyamitra Joshi

“I know Vikas for the last 4 years via social activity platform. He is one of the finest professional souls I have ever met. His way of thinking towards a solution to the problem, strong philosophy background, and presentation skills can spellbind anyone. I strongly recommend him as a mentor, motivational speaker, IT and business consultant”

Sikha Vyas

“Mr.Vikas Singh is a Good Person and a Best Business Coach I have ever met. He always gives good suggestions and Guides us on a path like Shree Krishna for life, success, happiness, development, and achievement to every person who comes to him. So Thank You Very Much Vikas Singh Sir!

Vipul Mehrotra

“I have worked with Vikas sir in one of my previous organizations and trust me, it was indeed a beautiful experience to have him as your mentor or reporting manager. He is a fantastic person to work with and is not only a multi-skilled and insightful colleague but also an inspiring strategist. He is a true leader in all terms and a great entrepreneur with strong problem-solving skills. He is an evangelist in his own terms and his specialty in innovating new ways of a growing business is remarkable. I wish to work with him one again on the time to come. Wishing him a great life ahead.”

Mankaj Kumar Singh

“Vikas is a gifted mentor with a rare combination of knowledge, practical application, social and ethical driven values. It has only been few months since I meet him but the depth and commitment he has for managing the Madhya Pradesh’s first incubation center and provide personal handholding support to the new entrepreneurs/ startup shows his genuine passion, love and deep understanding of different thematic areas ( e.g. strategy, leadership and etc) of organizational development. In short, he is the right guy for business system consulting. I wish him all the best for his future”

Siddharth Bajpai

“Have watched Vikas from the beginning rising up to one stop solution to coach and incubate new businesses & start-ups.”

Apoorv Vyas

“Extremely Intelligent personality! Superb & easiest way of explaining solutions. Content is very rich & is very useful for every kind of business model. Thank you Vikas sir.”

Meenakshi Tirulkar

“Mr. Vikas is a great Mentor and Business Coach. I am associated with him since 2012. He is a rare and unique personality. I got benefited a lot in financial strategy by Mr. Vikas.”

“I simply like your out of the box thinking and proper hand-holding that is only done by an ideal MENTOR....”

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