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Vikas Singh is a Business Coach and Consultant, a Technology Evangelist and a Social worker. He believes that if we use the latest Science and Technology in the light of Vaidik Wisdom we can make a better world.He has empowered more than a hundred thousand people through his seminars, workshops, and talks. He created various personal and professional development programs. More than a hundred thousand people have attended his live talks.He is a Management Philosopher by approach and qualification.

He heads Srijan the first Information Technology Incubator of Madhya Pradesh situated at Crystal IT Park Indore (M.P.)

He is a Masters of Philosophy (University Topper) and MBA in Human Resource Management.

100+ Founders and CEOs seek his advice and call on him for Coaching and mentoring.

Vikas is an active social worker. In his vision of empowering entrepreneurs, He has helped hundreds of startups and SMEs to not only survive but to thrive.

Through his efforts, he has influenced many government policies to serve people better.

Latest Articles

Gajendra Narang
Vikas Singh a friend, mentor and great human being is an institution in himself. He is a true inspiration and leads his life with a motto of service above self.
Priti Atodaria
Vikas Ji is a very insightful and versatile Business Coach. It has been a pleasure to connect with him & get his guidance.
Sarfaraz Ansari
I met Vikas Sir a decade ago when I started my career. He is a great motivator and learned person on real grounds. He knows how deal with the most critical situations in the most simpler way and thats the best quality of him....
Swati 875
Today was my first meeting with Mr.Vikas Singh. He was highly energetic & welcoming. I, instantly developed a great respect for his integrity. In 15 mins of the conversation, he could find out the exact problem & gave a pract...
Kumar Vibhanshu
I met Vikas Ji, when I was trying to churn out the modalities to develop Startup ecosystem in Madhya Pradesh. It was a surprise for me that he already had worked in this domain and running the first incubator in the state. I ...